Here are a few steps to take after you register:

Step 1

Account Creation

Sanganai team will create an account for every registered exhibitor, you will receive an email with your log in details default username and password and you can reset your password.

Step 2


Set up your company profile

Verify all your details in the account and edit.

Check your email addresses, mobile number, contact person and product category.

Step 3

Choose Your Preferences

Here you choose your target market from the options available.

This will help to streamline the buyers that you will see in your account.

Step 4

Book Your Meeting Appointments

Once the diary goes live, you may start to booking your meetings

For more information contact us on email: or call (+263) 8677005946


You will receive badges according to the size of your stand

9sqm – 2 badges

18sqm – 4 badges

27sqm – 6 badges

36sqm – 8 badges

54sqm – 10 badges

According to our covid-19 plan the above are the maximum number of people that can be on the stand according to the stand size.

NB: If you wish to have more badges you will have to increase the size of your stand.