Frequently Asked Questions

Registering to exhibit takes only a few stages and less of your time is required. One just have to complete a booking form and chose the stand size they desire and make a payment. After completing the form, it is then submitted to the organisers and they will allocate you a stand.

Once the exhibitor has done the When full payment of the participation fee is done the organizers will allocate the exhibitor a stand and the floor plan is send to the participant before the date of the exhibition.

There are different types of stands and what comes with the stand varies with the type and size of the stand.

Shell scheme stand – this is floor space, stand construction and furniture (ready to use). The stand comes with partition walls, Fascia name board, 2 spotlights, 1 double socket power point, tables and chairs.

Floor space only – No furniture is provided.

The participant just log into and follow the steps. Your online account will be activated by the ZTA administrator once full payment has been done.

Registering online gives you access to the various available buyers from our different source markets. When your account has been activated you can start booking meetings with the buyers prior the expo.